Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters (Prime Season 3)


Recorded June 25th, 2014…    

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In this long awaited sequel to the hit first episode of the Oriental Cartoon Show, the original cast members reconvene a year later to finish what they started. The crew tackles season 3 of Transformers Prime and the follow up TV movie: Predacons Rising. Recorded a year after the first episode, you could call this an anniversary show, if not for the six months that this episode sat untouched. Big thanks to co-hosts Pat and Doug for their enduring patience. You can check out Pat’s Podcast, The Cockpit, and Doug’s series, Toy Championship Wrasslin’.

Doug and I guested on The Cockpit a couple weeks after this episode was recorded, where we discussed Trans4mers: Age of Extinction. That one came out within a reasonable time frame.

You can watch Transformers Prime on Netflix and get the Blu-Rays or DVD’s from our good friends at Shout Factory.

Show Notes

Opening Theme: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

Closing Theme: Transformers – Saturday Morning Slow Jams


Podcast will never load up, never edit, never be deleted.

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Samurai Flamenco

Recorded Friday, April 25 2014

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The Oriental Cartoon Show returns to talk about this year’s biggest-blockbuster-superhero, Samurai Flamenco! Twitter Dot Com Slash @Gokuffy, (also of The Fandom Post) @Razzuel, and @ChibiUFO go in-depth! And we kinda’ ramble about other things, including Aniplex USA, The Monogataris, and so-on.

Watch the Show on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, or Hulu.

Opening Song: Josh Agardo’s Piano cover of the second Samurai Flamenco Opening: Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye, by Flow.

Ending Theme: Samurai Flamenco’s first ending theme, Date Time, by Mineral Miracle Muse.

Spring 2014 Anime – First Impressions

Welcome to the first quarter-annual (and perhaps only) edition of the Spring 2014 Oriental Cartoon Anime Previews First Impressions Mega Post Thing. Before we start, allow me to take a moment to warn you that I’m a terrible writer-man. Most of what I write are twitter posts, where I can’t even be bothered to check for spelling errors before hitting the send button. So, after you’ve taken a dump on my terrible opinions about oriental cartoons, if you’d like to pick apart my run-on sentences and inability to convey thoughts with more than 140 characters, please, go right ahead. I’m just trying to learn how to write again.

Soul Eater Not! April 8, 2014

Streaming on Funimation

Six years ago when I saw the first episode of Soul Eater, I thought to myself, “Yeah, this is okay, but I’d like it way more if it had about a fourth of the cool visuals and was a slice-of-life-moe show.” That’s essentially what Soul Eater Not! is. The super stylized visuals of the original Soul Eater were the hallmark of the show, as far as I’m concerned, and Not! discards those almost entirely for a far more typical moe anime aesthetic. Though not super distracting as far as the new characters are concerned, when the OG Soul Eater cast members cameo in this episode (and they all do, in rapid succession, just to assure any worried viewers that this is, in fact, Soul Eater), things start to look a little off. Everyone looks a little more lifeless than you remember them.
Putting the legacy of a show I did not actually watch or care about aside, Soul Eater Not! doesn’t actually look too bad. Backgrounds look nice, even if less interesting by comparison, and the two odd, action sequences in the episode do actually maintain the high quality of animation that the original Soul Eater TV series was well known for. Though, having read some of the manga for this spin-off years ago, I don’t think you’ll find satisfaction in this series down the line if it’s the action at the end of the episode which hooked you. Soul Eater Not! is more content to feature its characters having tea parties and working in Maid Cafés than getting into fights with baddies.
It is difficult not to compare the show against its predecessor, but its premise is actually fairly interesting on the surface. Soul Eater took place in a school where the superhero protagonists happened to attend, but I bet the series rarely took the time to focus on the normies back in class who aren’t quite up to the task of saving the world. If you were a fan of the original show, and the moe-fication of Soul Eater doesn’t bother you, Soul Eater Not! is a fairly rare opportunity for world building in a universe you are already well acquainted with. If you are not a fan of the original, like myself, and you’re just a fan of cute-girls-doing-cute-things anime, this is certainly one of those.

The World is Still BeautifulApril 8, 2014

Streaming on Crunchyroll

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Typically, when a princess is placed into an arranged marriage with a man she has never met, we get stories about defiance of fate and duty. It is fairly interesting to see a princess in this sort of tale who doesn’t follow the cliché. Princess Nike, hailing from the Rain Kingdom, actually shows genuine enthusiasm for being wed to the Sun King, Livius, for the good of her homeland. She makes the journey to her new husband’s keep by herself, in order to learn of her new country.

At the tail end of the episode, we’re introduced to the Sun King, who conquered the world in three years, and it turns out he’s even younger than Nike. Probably not a stretch on my part to assume he’ll be the love interest and a huge focus of the series, given that The World is Still Beautiful is adapted from a shoujo manga by Dai Shina. Nike is a level-headed and very modest, yet tough. In a single episode, she’s won me over. I’m eager to find out more about what makes her tick, and can only hope the King’s character is equally engaging.


One Week FriendsApril 8, 2014

Streaming on Crunchyroll

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If someone had described One Week Friends to me as “The Anime Version of Fifty First Dates,” I probably would never have even given it a chance. I’m quite glad I never read that Youtube/Crunchyroll/ANN comment, though, because this was much sweeter than nearly anything with Adam Sandler’s name on it.

The show is sugary sweet and features ample amounts of blushing. Perhaps bittersweet, as no matter how many touching scenes with Hase teaching Fujimiya about the magic of friendship we sit through, we can be sure it’s all going to be reset by the end of the episode. This show will either be a cute weekly slice of cute antics, or completely frustrating when Hase’s progress gets wiped each week. Who can say if it’ll be worth keeping up with?

Kamigami no Asobi – April 5, 2014
Streaming on Crunchyroll

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Kamigami no Asobi climaxes prematurely when one of the boys initiates his magical girl transformation sequence to change from his school uniform into his toga. I am no expert on otome games, but everything following the show’s en media res cold opener seems extremely paint by numbers. Our lead girl, Yui Kusanagi, is as dull as can be. Without any plans, dreams, or former relationships to color her personality, she’s standing by ready to be the surrogate you. The girl’s one notable skill is that she’s good at swords. Admittedly, a useful talent for any aspiring anime-lead. I question whether she’s actually get the opportunity to demonstrate those skills in the series with all the dudes around.

The show’s gimmick of a girl whisked away from her every day world to a literal school for gods is only momentarily amusing. There’s an initial surprise factor if you do not know anything going in, like I didn’t, but somehow when we’ve had countries and trains personified as cute boys, various mythological gods seems kind of mundane. Kamigami was never meant for me, and unless I hear word of a Buddha boy, I doubt I’ll come back to it. I will at least say, I appreciate that the main character actually has a name, unlike the lead of the last Otome thing I saw, Amnesia. Cute character design too, I reckon. Female self-insert characters always seem to look better than male self-inserts into harem shows.

April 1, 2014
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It is quite fortunate that Toei Animation’s Majin Bone is being simulcast by our good friends over at Crunchyroll. Children’s toy-commercial anime does not have the grooviest reputation for getting fansubbed super reliably. Furthermore, when 45 of a season’s 50 new shows are being simulcast, it’s usually the toy commercials that are not making the cut (Everyone cross your fingers for a Lady Jewelpet simulcast!).

Majin Bone is in fact a toy commercial for a new “virtual cardgame” being released by Bandai, as well as action figures and the like. In the context of this cartoon, that means pretty boys use glowing, magical cards to don some very Gatchaman Crowds-esque suits of armor and do aerial stunts in a virtual reality subspace. We really do not see much more than a preview of these sequences in this first episode, however, it is easy enough to imagine how this will play into the grind. The computer generated sequences don’t look particularly astounding, but the suit designs are very cool. Shark-Guy’s suit in particular looks awesome. Hideki Ishikawa, who is better known for designing Megaman characters, apparently designed the CG models, but they’re very reminiscent of Kenji Andou’s CG suit designs for Tiger and Bunny and Gatchaman Crowds.

There isn’t very much to chew on yet, but the lead character and his spunky girlfriend are energetic kids that are entertaining enough to watch. Shogo is a typical teen that hates exams, practices karate, and keeps getting walked in on while he’s reading those filthy magazines of his. He’s got the makings of the fairly typical hot-blooded shonen hero. Gal-Pal Saho is a dog-loving, UFO-hunting sidekick. She’s easily excited and fun to watch, but it’s tremendously likely she’ll exist solely to be Shogo’s love interest and cheer leader as the show goes on. The rest of the show’s lead cast spend the entirety of this episode stalking our hero from the shadows, anxiously awaiting the cliffhanger where he gains his powers.

Hard to gather much from this very typical first episode, but I did not find it at all boring. If your tolerance for children’s toy commercial anime is low, you shouldn’t even bother checking this one out, but I’m going to stick around for a while to see if it goes anywhere.



Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye, and other IDW Transformers comics.

Recorded January 17, 2014

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So, let me tell you about the Transformers. World Famous Conquistador @PatzPrime of The Cockpit, returns to The Oriental Cartoon Show for another exciting Transformers talk. This time, we’re talking about one of IDW’s current ongoing books, More Than Meets The Eye, which we both feel pretty passionate about. Naturally, we touch on the rest of Transformers comics. Even if you’re not a hardcore Transformers fan, we think you might just find something to like in this book. So if you listen to the show and decide, “Hey, I’m going to give this a shot!” let us know what you think!

As always, I’m incompetent, so there’s some dumb audio issue. I guess recording a podcast next to a jet engine wasn’t a good idea after all.


1a) Last Stand of the Wreckers – This isn’t required, but it’s a good litmus test for the series and lays some groundwork for some plotlines that happen in the series. Plus it’s just a great read on its own.

1b) Spotlight Trailcutter – If you don’t want to read a five issue mini-series to get a feel for More Than Meets The Eye, this one-shot is a good alternative. Takes place during MTMTE, but there’s no reason you can’t read it first. It’s also packed in with the Trailbreaker figure that’s on shelves now, if that sweetens the deal for ya’.

2) The Death of Optimus Prime – You can jump in without having read the previous 10 or so years of Transformers comics. This book will provide the setup for the events leading directly into More Than Meets The Eye, as well as its sister book, Robots in Disguise. If you get the trade paperback for MTMTE Volume 1, this story is included.

3) More Than Meets The Eye #1-8, 2012 Annual, #9-22 – This is the real meat of our love, right here. The first 22 issues are a pretty straight shot. Unfortunately, as comics tend to do, Issues #23-27 are all a part of the big crossover event right now, which is far less penetrable. There’s still good MTMTE stuff in there, but it’s all mixed together with stuff from this comic’s sister book, Robots in Disguise. Unfortunately, you really have to read RID to know what’s going on in Dark Cybertron, but don’t worry about crossing that bridge until you get there.


Intro – Transformers Season 3

0:00:30 – Introductions, and a little chat about Masterpiece Transformers

0:06:00 – A brief history of Transformers comics (Marvel and Dreamwave)

0:10:15 – IDW Transformers

– Last Stand of the Wreckers

– Robots in Disguise

0:31:15 – More Than Meets The Eye

0:51:00 – Dark Cybertron

Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~


Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~

Recorded January 10, 2014

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For the first newly recorded episode of The Oriental Cartoon Show in months, Twitter Celebrity Bradley Meek and I talked about Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~, the Brotherhood style reboot of the Yozakura Quartet anime franchise. The show didn’t get simulcast on any of English sites, which means it didn’t exist. So we wanted to take a few minutes to briefly tell ya’ll about why this show is worth dusting off the ol’ Bittorrent tracker to check out.

Where you can get the show: Cthuko Fansubs or BakaBT Batch. And the ~Hoshi no Umi~ OVA, which takes place between episodes 8 and 9 of the TV series. Don’t forget to watch that before episode 9.


Intro: “All Quartets Will Lead To The” by Unison Square Garden

Those Damn Cartoons!

Dynamite in the Brain Podcast

The 2009 Yozakura Quartet TV Series (Not required. In fact, Not recommended.)

Statues Suck


The Oriental Cartoon Show Episode 2

Recorded November 02, 2013

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This episode is only two months old! Featuring Twitter’s @Ben_the_Bear and Turtle Paradise Scanlations‘ Melfra and Rebmastu, we set out to talk about toys, and didn’t really talk about a lot of toys. We talked about Crunchyroll’s (BRAND NEW) Manga service, Jmanga, Anime Sols, dirty, pirate, anime websites, Crunchyroll jacking Funimation’s simulcasts, Toonami’s upcoming Simuldubcast of Space Dandy, The Bubblegum Crisis Blu-Ray Kickstarter, Sailor Moon, Game of Thrones, Doujinshi, phone comics, and a little bit of toys at the end.

And this is totally why I was against doing news coverage in the first place. Everything we talked about is two months out of date, but maybe you’ll enjoy listening. This is also the last backlog episode. Get ready for brand new episodes that I don’t edit for six months.

No pussy or a lot of pussy? Go Nagai, please fuck me.

The Oriental Cartoon Show Episode 1

Recorded October 26, 2013

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Featuring Oriental Verteran @Jrnemanich and Sean of The Karate Bugmen Podcast.

Episode 1? This is the premier of the Oriental Cartoon Show’s brand new variety talk radio show, The Oriental Cartoon Show (numbered edition.) Instead of the usual ONE EPISODE, ONE SHOW format, in this episode, we’re talking about whatever is going on in the world at the time. News, new shows, old shows, whatever. It’s just an easier excuse for me to release episodes more often. I say more often, but, much like the last two episodes, THIS WAS RECORDED MONTHS AGO. Right around the time Pokemon came out. Whoop de doo. So lots of talk about the hot new anime from last season.

So, enjoy this show, while I hastily edit the next episode to try and catch up before the new year.


Gyrozetter Ending Animation

Apple Arms