Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters (Prime Season 3)


Recorded June 25th, 2014…    

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In this long awaited sequel to the hit first episode of the Oriental Cartoon Show, the original cast members reconvene a year later to finish what they started. The crew tackles season 3 of Transformers Prime and the follow up TV movie: Predacons Rising. Recorded a year after the first episode, you could call this an anniversary show, if not for the six months that this episode sat untouched. Big thanks to co-hosts Pat and Doug for their enduring patience. You can check out Pat’s Podcast, The Cockpit, and Doug’s series, Toy Championship Wrasslin’.

Doug and I guested on The Cockpit a couple weeks after this episode was recorded, where we discussed Trans4mers: Age of Extinction. That one came out within a reasonable time frame.

You can watch Transformers Prime on Netflix and get the Blu-Rays or DVD’s from our good friends at Shout Factory.

Show Notes

Opening Theme: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

Closing Theme: Transformers – Saturday Morning Slow Jams


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